25 years of handover and havoc in Hong Kong

25 years of handover and havoc in Hong Kong have been presented in this investigative report. It shows the timeline of Hong Kong and changes post National Security Law in a comprehensive manner.

Countering the lies about the Tiananmen Square massacre

Our East China expert Jenny Kin Jacobs on the occasion of the anniversary of the brutal Tiananmen massacre presented a report loaded with facts about the brutal chain of events that unfolded in China in 1989. After that report came out several Twitter handles and websites tried to whitewash it by calling it TIAN’ANMEN SQUARE MASSACRE: THE WEST’S MOST PERVASIVE LIE. Let us debunk these lies and present the counter argument with FACTS and only FACTS.

Anniversary of the brutal Tiananmen Square Massacre

In the year 1989, around 1.5 million Chinese students, workers and common citizens occupied Beijing’s Tiananmen Square to protest against the ruling regime. This was the largest political protest in communist China’s history. More than 6 weeks of protests ended with the brutal Tiananmen Square Massacre of 3-4 June.