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Ethnic armies’ ‘Operation 1027’ put Myanmar junta on defensive in 2023

Myanmar’s ethnic armed organizations and other resistance groups made significant gains against the country’s military dictatorship in 2023. “Operation 1027,” launched by the Three Brotherhood Alliance in northern Shan state in October, was a surprising success. Along with the efforts of local People’s Defense Forces, or PDFs, and ethnic armed groups in Kayah, Kayin, Chin,…

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Disinformation campaign spurred student attack on Rohingya shelter, Indonesian activists say

Human rights activists and some observers on Thursday alleged that university students who stormed a Rohingya shelter in Aceh province the day before had been influenced by an “organized” disinformation campaign, which some even linked to the upcoming general election.  Their comments came amid a flood of condemnation of the “inhumane” incident, which resulted in…

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The Dark Side of the Chinese Loan Applications

Embarking on a journey into the shadows, our investigative report delves deep into the intricate web of Chinese Loan Applications, revealing a disturbing narrative that extends beyond borders. Titled “The Dark Side of Chinese Loan Applications,” this exposé uncovers the unsettling realities concealed beneath the seemingly innocuous facade of digital lending. From countries in South…

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