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Our mission is to expose government, business, and other institutions’ abuses of power and betrayals of the public’s trust while utilising the moral force of investigative journalism to encourage reform by persistently bringing attention to wrongdoing.

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The UNESCO Unveiled

Introduction Link to the Report : UNESCO, short for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, is a specialized...

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Ij-Reportika.com is a nonprofit news organization that seeks to empower citizens by informing and educating them. Whether reporting on the criminal justice system, public education funding, prisons, public corruption, political cronyism, generational poverty, health woes, drug abuse, suppression of protests, racial disparities, or a host of other issues, Investigative Journalism Reportika won’t shy away from its responsibility of presenting the most authentic news reports to its readers.

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We delve deep into pressing issues across South Asia, China, the USA, and Africa, exposing the facts and stories that matter most.

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Our team engages with leading experts and influential figures, providing exclusive interviews that shed light on critical topics.

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We conduct thorough surveys to collect and analyze data, offering comprehensive reports that reflect the true state of affairs.

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Keep up with the latest developments worldwide with our detailed and timely daily reports, covering key events and trends.


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To reveal abuse of authority and betrayals of public confidence by government, enterprises, and other institutions, using the honest force of investigative journalism. Our mission is to present authentic and accurate investigative reports on issues that most media houses won’t even dare to speak about.