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Arab politicians praise China’s policies in Xinjiang

A delegation of Palestinian and other Arab politicians praised China’s policies in Xinjiang during a visit to the northwestern region, sparking criticism from experts and Uyghur rights advocates for not highlighting the plight of fellow Muslims living in the region. The delegation was led by Bassam Zakarneh, a member of Fatah’s Revolutionary Council of Palestine…

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Fentanyl Smuggling

Smuggling of the deadly Synthetic opioid FENTANYL

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken delivered a dire warning on March 15, 2024, cautioning that nations worldwide are teetering on the brink of a fentanyl crisis akin to the devastating epidemic gripping the United States. Speaking at a United Nations conference in Vienna, Austria, dedicated to addressing the proliferation of narcotics and synthetic street…

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The case for seating overseas legislators in Southeast Asian parliaments

Around 1.7 million Indonesians living overseas are registered to vote in this month’s presidential and legislative elections, a mammoth task for the General Elections Commission, which has had to prepare 828 voting booths at Indonesian representative offices worldwide, as well as 1,579 mobile voting boxes and 652 drop boxes for absentee voting.  How many overseas…

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Chinese Lending Scams Featured Image

The Dark Side of the Chinese Loan Applications

Embarking on a journey into the shadows, our investigative report delves deep into the intricate web of Chinese Loan Applications, revealing a disturbing narrative that extends beyond borders. Titled “The Dark Side of Chinese Loan Applications,” this exposé uncovers the unsettling realities concealed beneath the seemingly innocuous facade of digital lending. From countries in South…

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