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Report criticizes ASEAN, international response to Myanmar humanitarian crisis

A new report by lawmakers from Southeast Asia and other regions criticizes what they describe as a timid response to the post-coup crisis in Myanmar by countries and international blocs that claim to support democracy. The Final Report by the International Parliamentary Inquiry, or IPI, into the Global Response to the Crisis in Myanmar, which…

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Outside of China, concern exceeds optimism as Xi Jinping begins third term as ruler

The Chinese Communist Party wrapped up its 20th National Congress at the weekend, granting an unprecedented third five-year term to CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping. Xi, 69, is set to have his term as state president renewed by the rubber-stamp National People’s Congress in March. RFA asked experts on key aspects of China for their…

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Production centers of Fentanyl in China

Smuggling of the deadly Synthetic opioid FENTANYL

Smuggling of the deadly Synthetic opioid FENTANYL In September 2021, Rory Booth (pseudo-name for privacy concerns) found his then 16-year-old daughter, Sofi, gasping for air in their home near Boulder, Colorado. His daughter was suffering from an overdose. She had taken half a Percocet pill laced with Fentanyl unknowingly. Sofi Booth said,” I found some…

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Chinese overseas police service stations

China opening Chinese Police Stations outside its territory

The spread of Chinese overseas police service stations around the world raises concerns among human rights campaigners. The Chinese government is opening illegal police posts all over the world. China claims that these posts are capable of cracking down on global and multinational crimes. These checkpoints have been opened in many countries around the world…

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The Unearthing of the global drug trafficking networks

The Unearthing of the global drug trafficking networks Several countries around the globe have waged war against global drugs trafficking networks. Most of them have the most severe punishments for drug dealing as a part of their criminal codes. It includes life imprisonment as well as death/capital punishment. On the contrary, the production, smuggling, and consumption of drugs are increasing…

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Economies in Shambles

The devastating hyperinflation in the post COVID world

The devastating hyperinflation in the post COVID world COVID19 has had a devastating impact on the economies of the world. Many economically fragile nations got ruined post-COVID. The world is going through an uncertain passage where hyperinflation, depreciating currencies, wars between countries, internal protests/riots and debt traps are taking the center stage. Here is a…

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