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Again a protest and again a suppression in China

Zhejiang Protests

Chinese customers opened accounts at six rural banks in Henan and neighboring Anhui province that offered higher interest rates in large numbers. They later found they could not withdraw their funds after media reports that the head of the banks’ parent company was on the run and wanted for financial crimes. There were several protests in the region due to this, especially in the Henan province.

On the 2nd of September, 2022, protests erupted again in China when the Zhejiang depositors realized that their life savings are stolen by the bank. When they tried to protest at the bank, SWAT police smashed them down, according to various locals.

The people were forcefully dispersed, and the protest was crushed without any justice when they were sitting outside the Nanjing Bank in protest.

Soon after this, there was another city, another protest, and another crackdown in China. It was the turn of Wuhan where people protested against the misery they were facing due to the never-ending lockdowns and strict restrictions on their movement. Thousands of people gathered and tried to raise their voices in the night. The result was more or less the same as in Zhejiang. The police forces came and brutally smashed people to disperse them

There were not the first instances of suppression of protest in China. There have been over 450 protests this year that we have covered in our detailed investigative report.