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The single-person quarantine zones in Shanghai are the new NORMAL amid fresh lockdown fears

Single person quarantines Shanghai

China is stepping up its efforts to control Covid-19 outbreaks ahead of the 20th National Party Congress, with national cases mounting to the highest in nearly two months and concerns about broadening lockdowns rippling across Shanghai, the financial hub of China.

The country reported 1,878 cases for Sunday, the highest since Aug. 20, as the week-long National Day holiday saw cases erupt among returning visitors. Shanghai posted 34 new local infections, the most in nearly three months.

Panic posts by people on Weibo

The 20th party congress and the memories of the Zero-Covid policy lockdown earlier this year have raised the apprehensions of Chinese citizens. People are panic posting stories of struggles and fear on Weibo and other Chinese Social media platforms.

There has been a sudden rise in the number of people searching, reading and discussing Shanghai lockdowns on Weibo.

People on Weibo frantically reading and discussing Shanghai Lockdown and epidemic trends

On top of this, the authorities have started to impose single-person temporary isolation mini-quarantine zones in Shanghai. In this inhumane practice, people who even have a remote chance of being COVID-19 positive are quarantined for hours on the spot alone in isolation.

The people of Shanghai are in a dire need of respite, and the Chinese Regime needs to be people-friendly instead of obsessing over the 20th National Congress.