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The manipulation of the world media by China

Media manipulation by China 2

The manipulation of the world media by China

European Parliament recently adopted a resolution against Hybrid Interference tactics used by China, Turkey and Russia in democratic processes in EU. Discussing the Media manipulation Tactics used by China.

Media manipulation is a series of related techniques in which partisans create an image or argument that favors their particular interests. Foreign actors take advantage of Western Media freedom to spread disinformation.

Techniques used by foreign actors like China for Media manipulation of various countries
Media manipulation techniques used by China


Chinese diplomats are regularly present in the local press through opinion pieces, articles and interviews. They influence the opinions in the foreign countries.

Media manipulation by China 4

Furthermore, the China Daily publishes a free supplement, “China Watch,” with a circulation of more than 13 million copies in some 30 daily newspapers worldwide, with a particular focus on targeting business executives and decision-makers.


Chinese media pay foreign outlets to include advertisements. Readers find difficult to separate these advertisements, known as infomercials, from legitimate articles.


Chinese joint ventures owns two of the oldest Portuguese newspapers, NoticiasNavarra & JornalNoticias. In April 2020, Washington FreeBeacon revealed that Beijing controls/ co-opts MexicanRadioStation & Las Vegas Public Radio.


China provides trainings to more than 3400 media persons. These media persons are from over 146 nations. It conducts programs like Dongfang Fellowship Program to sensitize them (26 days training to editors & reporters about China’s achievements.)

China Daily advertisement for Dongfang Fellowship

Carrot & Stick Policy

Lastly, China uses advertisements, contracts and cash benefits as carrots, to lure the media houses and encourage self-censorship. If they don’t agree, it employs, sticks like denial of visas, intimidation of local journalists, cancellation of ads, non-payment of dues and Cyber Attacks on the media houses.

Azad Essa, A columnist with Independent Media, the South African second largest media group partially controlled by Chinese investors, denounced the sudden end of his column after publishing an article critical of China and hardships faced by the Uyghur Muslims.
Pressures of working against China

Media is manipulated, misinformation campaigns and fake news are deliberately peddled to influence culture of the foreign states, to interfere in the election processes and to create pro-China generation.


Dr.Jenny Kin Jacobs compiled and curated this report


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