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Nepal to ban TikTok Due to Social Discord

In our previous report titled “The secretive world of TikTok,” we extensively covered various concerns surrounding TikTok’s operations, including data collection practices, privacy issues, security vulnerabilities, and allegations of misuse for breaching internal security. The report shed light on TikTok’s controversial clauses, such as sharing information with the Chinese government and potential security threats posed…

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Interview: Opposition’s Operation 1027 in Shan State indicates ‘low point’ in Myanmar-China ties

On Oct. 27, the Northern or “Three Brotherhood” Alliance of the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army, the Arakan Army and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army launched “Operation 1027” – named for the date of the offensive. The groups simultaneously struck junta positions in the strategic Shan cities of Kunlong, Hseni, Chin Shwe Haw, Laukkaing, Namhkan,…

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Australia and China: Besties again? It’s complicated

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese wrapped up a three-day trip to China Tuesday, calling for the “full resumption of free and unimpeded trade” in a meeting with counterpart Li Qiang. The previous day, he held wide-ranging talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping, covering everything from Tasmanian Devils to New Zealand wine, not to mention improving…

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