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ISIS style BEHEADING that shook India

 India is shaken after the gruesome murder of a tailor in Udaipur city of the state of Rajasthan. In the horrific incident, two men beheaded a tailor at his shop for supporting Nupur Sharma’s controversial remarks on social media. The experts are calling it an ISIS style beheading. Moreover, the assailants recorded the crime on camera and circulated the video on the social media.

One of the assailants, identified as Riyaz, attacked Kanhaiya Lal with a sharp-edged weapon while the other recorded the crime on his mobile phone.

In the video they confessed the killing of the tailor for insulting the Prophet (PBUH). The assailants also threatened to kill Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a similar fashion. They can be seen saying “Inshallaah, our machete will reach Narendra Modi and Nupur Sharma too”.

The two accused have now been detained by the local police.