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Myanmar resistance army deports nearly 60 Chinese nationals

An armed resistance group in northern Myanmar handed over nearly 60 Chinese nationals accused of online fraud and owning illegal weapons, according to the army’s statement on Monday night.  The Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army, which occupies Kokang region on the country’s border with China, deported 59 Chinese citizens between Sunday and Monday, the army’s…

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Arakan rebels in Myanmar’s Rakhine seize outpost on Bangladesh border

The anti-junta Arakan Army seized an outpost manned by the military-affiliated Border Guard Force along western Myanmar’s border with Bangladesh on Sunday, confiscating arms and equipment, according to residents and an alliance of ethnic rebels. The attack marked the latest blow to Myanmar’s military in Rakhine state, where the ethnic Arakan Army, or AA, ended…

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Why nonviolent resistance is the key to a democratic China

The principle of nonviolence is rooted in the idea that justice can only be achieved through just means. Since Mahatma Gandhi founded his nonviolent resistance movement that eventually won India her independence, the idea has become accepted around the world, and the United Nations has designated Oct. 2 “International Nonviolence Day.” The nonviolent resistance theory…

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A Critical Survey of the Biggest 5 Economies The Survey Reportika

A Critical Survey of the Biggest 5 Economies: The Survey Reportika

In an ever-evolving world, understanding the pulse of the top economies becomes imperative for comprehending global dynamics. This survey aims to delve into the opinions of individuals residing in the five largest economies by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) – the United States (USA), China, Japan, Germany, and India – to gauge their sentiments on crucial…

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