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China- philippines DISPUTES


Rich in gas resources, Reed Bank is within the Philippines' EEZ yet Chinese Coast Guard vessels hinders Philippine survey activities.

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Reed Bank Dispute

Falling within the Philippines' EEZ, Ayungin Shoal near Mischief Reef faces strategic threats from China, aiming to control it due to its proximity to the militarized Mischief Reef.

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Ayungin Shoal Challenge

Once controlled by the Philippines, Sandy Cay near Pagasa Island was seized by China during Duterte's presidency, impacting territorial sea boundaries.

Sandy Cay Shift

Contested between the Philippines and China, San Felipe Reef, part of the exclusive economic zone, is a low-tide atoll near Mischief Reef.

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San Felipe Reef Tension

Seized by China in 2012, Scarborough Shoal, declared a common fishing ground by an arbitral tribunal, faces plans for conversion into a strategic air and naval base.

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Scarborough Shoal Struggle

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